My mission is to help you
by developing practical, effective, software solutions that fit your budget and exceed your expectations. I am passionate about technology, and I believe software is an incredible gift to humankind and useful in many amazing ways, not the least being a tool to make life better and easier.

Robertson Automation


At 8-years-old, our family friend taught me how to code, and I have been captivated by software ever since. I'm a multi-language software enthusiast interested in everything to do with software development. I think I can help you with your goals, and I would love to have a free consultation about your project. You can also reach me remotely via any electronic means you prefer.

Computer Software Services

</> Business Automation
</> Home Automation
</> Escape Room Building
</> Factory Managment Software
</> Media Hosting Software
</> Nuclear Power Plant Software
</> Custom Computer Software
</> Database Administration
</> Website Creation
</> Survey, Contest Software
</> Cyber Security
</> Automation
</> Accounting, Staffing Software
</> Multimedia Tools
</> Advertising Tools
</> Production Reporting
</> WordPress
</> Email Marketing
</> IT Support
</> Networks
</> Personal Computers
</> Data Dashboards
</> Computer Forensics
</> Training / Consultation

Some Work I've Done

Software Developer
>> American Textile Company

  • Developed software to help run the factories.
  • Worked with all company departments.
  • Built and maintained approximately 40 software tools.

Software Developer
>> Liberated Syndication

  • Developed software to run the podcasting media platform.
  • Worked on front end and back end components of the platform.
  • Helped create and launch a completely new version of the company platform.

Software Engineer
>> Rolls-Royce

  • Developed software to help maintain nuclear power plants.
  • Worked on a global system to montior nuclear power plant inventory.
  • Worked on safety applications to support nuclear power plant staff.

Software Developer

  • Developed software to help veterans and military spouses.
  • Worked with large data sets to support veterans.
  • Built tools to increase employee efficiency.

Project Highlight: Sidekick Reminders - Free sms text and email reminders.



I hired the right guy!
Very professional and puts things into terms that are easy to understand.
He fights the good fight and is proud of what he does.
Huge help working out some technical issues that have arisen recently.
He is always enthusiastic and has a great attitude.
This man is an expert.
Phenomenal resource.
Helped rebuild my site into something functional and professional.
Hardest working guy around.
One of the most talented software developers I have ever seen.
Everything he does oozes passion.
What he has done for me is priceless. I wish I could pay him more.
He is an angel sent from Heaven.
He can literally build anything.
He is a miracle worker.